VoLTE를 이해해가 위한 용어정리

IMS:  IP Multimedia Subsystem

SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

SDP: Session Description Protocol

CSCF: Call Session Control Function

HSS: Home Subscriber Server

AS: Application Server

VoLTE: Voice Over LTE


I-CSCF: Interrogationg CSCF

S-CSCF: Serving CSCF

AKA: Authetication and Key Agreement

AM: Acknowledged Mode

TM: Transparent Mode

EMM: EPS Mobility Management

ESM: EPS Session Management

EPC: Evolved Packet Core

IMPU: IP Multimedia Public Identity

PCRF: Policy and Charging Rules Function

PRACK: Provisional(일시적인) Response ACK

RoHC: Robust Header Compression

URI: Uniform Resource Identifer

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